Questions for Trinity College Certification grade 6

Why do people follow fashion?

  •  Because follow fashion is importanti to be accepted in society, people love to appear like actors, celebrity or models, and because is easier to copy the style of the models than create your own

What do you do/wear to be fashionable?

  • Follow the models style for example it might help reading  fashion magazines like Vouge or imitating the way actors dress

If you follow fashion, will you be more popular in marticolar social group?

  • Yes, If I followed the fashion, I would be more popular on facebook for example

Why do people travel?

  • I don’t know why people love to travel,  but I could tell you why I love to travel. I travel to met people, to learn their mores and customs, their culture, to know new languages too.

What mores and customs did you learn in Spain?

  • In Spain I noticed a difference in the hours of lunch and dinner. People have lunch at 2.00 o’ clock in the afternoon and have dinner at 10.00 o’ clock in the evening, they say hello to others moving the head from right to left unlike italians.
  • In Catalugna an ancient tradition is that of the Castellers that are human castles. The castle is build starting by a base of a lot of people. Other persons go up this base, creating several levels to ending with a kid on the top.
  • Another tradition is that of “Running of the Bulls”, during Sanfermino’s Day the bulls are left loose to run in the streats while people try to avoid them.

Why do you like to learn new languages?

What do you need to do to travel safety?
  • Depends (on) how you travel. If tou travel by car, you’ll learn is important to fasten your seat belts, drive slowly and above all don’t drive when you are drunk.  If you travel by airplane you’ll need to bring with yourself your passport.

What mustn’t you do when you travel?

  • Follow unknown people only why seem interesting or nice. Don’t trust of anyone. Bring cash money just in case your bancomat doesn’t work. Bring your passport with you to garantee of being identified  in every times. If you are in a foreign country you must respect the laws of that country. For example, here in Italy you can walk with battles of alcoholic drinks in your hands without the danger to be arrested or have a fine, in Spain you can’t. This to avoid that people dirty the streets for vomiting.
If I travel low-cost, will I travel safely?
  • Yes, you will. Why not? The only difference is in the fact that you have to pay more attention to not spending more than you have brought with you.
Why do people always try to make more money?
  • If you have money, you can buy a lot of  things, you can  travel more often and for faraway places. Without considering you can study in famous and prestigious Hight School and University. For example if I had had much more money, I could have studied at Unviversity like Oxford  or Cambrige.
What have to you do to make more money?
  • If I knew, I would do! In every case, if I wanted more money, I would find a job with a  gain higher than that one I have or I could marry a rich man as Berlusconi’s son, or change a job for being a broker
Why do people work?
  • The people work to gain money to buy food, clothes, to rent an house. Instead If I were rich,  I would work to have something to do during the day or make more money to travel
What obligations do you have to your job?
  • I have a flexible time entry, I can enter starting by eight o’clock until half past nine, but I don’t have to enter after half past nine because in this case I need to justify my late. Everytime I need to go to  the specilist doctor, I have to have a permission. Everytime I leave my work position I don’t have to leave my computer desktop not locked. I have to wear in appropriate way. I don’t have to insult neither my colleagues not everybody who works in my built. Obviously I can’t smoke. I have obligations of confidentiality so I haven’t to talk what I’m working on.
What it daes mean for you to be in helth?
  • People think that those who are slim, are in good health but isn’t true, being in good health means much more . To be in good health you could go to gym theree times a weak at least and practise a sport appropriate to you. For example I sprained one’s ankle so I can practice only gym in water, to not tire my ankle. To be in good health you could eat better, for example many vegetables, legumes, meat and eggs avoiding sweets, cake and so on, all thinghs that can increse cholesterol that damnages arteries and heart.
Do you think that if you exercised regularly you would be more helphy?
  • For sure if I exercise every day, I woult be more agile and strong, but to be healthy I need to eat better,  sleep eight hours a night at least, go to bed as soon as possible, and don’t stress! It would be necessary take a holiday every now and then. (di tanto in tanto)
What do you need to do to get a better job?
  • If I wanted a better job I would look for it, given that I started working (not long ago, for a while ago) just a while ago, my goal is to reach a better position rather than a better job. I’m working in a multinational society with bases in all part of the world, so I don’t think to change my job at now.
  • For the moment I needn’t to look for a better job, given that I started to work not long ago, but I’m lookin for a different job very soon because one of my goal is to move in  Madrid, with my boyfriends. I’m moving in Madrid in october.
If I work a year, will I be able buy a house?
  • If you work a year you’ll buy a motorcycle at least, for sure not a house, but if you worked ten years you might buy an appartment.
If you exercise regularly , will I have healthier life?
  • If you exercise every day, you’ll be healthier but it might not be sufficient, you have to eat better, for example many vegetables and fruits and go to bed not too late in the evening, sleep eight hours a night at least don’t forget to go to the doctor when there is something that doesn’t work and so on.
Have you ever been in England?
  • Yes, I have been there a month ago to meet a couple of friends, in particular my best friend Erica who has been living there since 2008 (for three years)
How long have you worked at STMicroelectronics?
  • I’ve been working at STMicroelectronics for a year, since august 2010
Where did you go this year?
  • I went to Oslo and Bergen on holiday this summer with my boyfriend.
Why do people want to need to learn a foreign language?
  • People need to learn foreign languages to comunicate, for example I’m working for STMicroelectronics that is a multinational company, and I have to learn english to comunicate with  colleagues of the same company but who live and work in other country, or people want to learn foreign languages to travel, if you want to travel you need to know english at least
What do you have to do to speak english well?
  • To speak english well, you must live in a country whose mother language is english
What mustn’t you do?
  • I mustn’t smoke, I mustn’t go to bed too late, I mustn’t eat too many desserts, I mustn’t drive when I’m drunk.
If Britain joins the Euro, what do you think will happen?
  •  That I haven’t to change money when I go to England
  1. #1 di 2g20112012gassman13 il maggio 13, 2012 - 9:37 am

    Grazie!Un bell’aiuto per il Trinity, ma segnalo che ci sono alcuni errori come weak al posto di week e alcune parole in ordine sbagliato.

  2. #2 di laprimavoltache il maggio 13, 2012 - 7:06 pm

    Grazie del suggerimento 🙂 scrissi l’articolo principalmente come esercizio, quindi immagino ci siano molti errori! pero’ le domande sono quelle!!


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